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Coaching Team & Individual lessons



Why not book an individual lesson with one of our excellent coaches.  This is the fastest way of learning that specific shot/technique you require or getting introduced to the game in a more relaxed environment instead of just jumping straight into a group lesson. Just contact your desired coach and arrange a time convenient for the both of you


Carl – SCC Coach Level 4

Coach CarlI have over 15 years experience delivering coaching sessions for all standards of players from absolute beginner through to county and have several players competing in county and regional competition on a regular basis.

In 1996 I started coaching at the Hull performance centre where I stayed until 2006. From 2007 I set up ‘THE TENNIS ACADEMY’ and have been developing and running local club coaching programmes for players from 3 years old through to adults and have gained a wealth of knowledge on local, county and regional tournaments and current work with several county players.

Individual lesson cost £12 per 1/2 hour (court fee included)
Telephone Carl on: 07813 611149

Adam – DCA Coach Level 3

Coach Adam

Adam is an LTA Licensed Level Three coach who coaches in the Mini and Junior Tennis Programme at Scarborough Indoor Tennis Centre and at three tennis clubs and several Primary Schools in the Scarborough area as well as giving individual lessons.

Being a masters graduate Adam is experienced as an individual and brings excellent personal skills to his coaching sessions. He is an enthusiastic coach, enabling minis, juniors and adults to enjoy the game and help them progress week by week into technically able players.

He has been playing tennis since he was 7 and began attending coaching sessions at the age of 8, representing Scarborough Schools in North Yorkshire competitions at the age of 16. He currently competes in club competitions and in the Scarborough & District League and the Driffield League.

Individual lesson cost £10 per 1/2 hour (court fee included)

Telephone Adam on: 07967 313030

All Individual lessons at the centre are only allowed to be taught by our coaching team, this is to make sure you are fully insured whilst receiving your lesson. 

Any player wishing to use another coach who is not part of the coaching team MUST show their own insurance, DBS, qualification and also be approved by the Head coach and School. Also a full court fee will be applied of £14.20 per hour.  Failure to this will result in the player and the coach being banned from the centre